Preparing for the Transition

What seems like forever ago, I (this is Stevie speaking) was approached by a sustainability office employee and essentially asked if I liked bikes.  I said yes, and now here we are, three years later, with a whole program dedicated to promoting and growing Transy’s biking culture.  Many people have been integral to this beautiful progress of what was once a closet, three Walmart bikes, and a tool box.  Yeah, for those of you just jumping into the Transy game, this has been a bumpy ride.  We’ve come a long way.

So, as the semester is quickly coming to a close, Transy Bikes is preparing for its first major staff transition.  I will be graduating this May, and next semester I’ll be working to pass the torch to the rest of you guys.  Transy Bikes has been great for this university’s culture and environment, and so we must keep it going.  Thus, we’re hiring a new staff member so that Giovanni and I can ensure that the program will be adequately staffed.

This is a call for anyone who loves bikes, who loves sustainability, who loves fitness.  We need you to be involved in what has become a most excellent place to work.  If you don’t have mechanic skills, that’s no problem.  We’ll get you started volunteering down at Broke Spoke, so you can start to learn about the ins and outs of 1) the mechanics of biking 2) the culture of biking outside the realm of the Transy bubble.  (This last one is important.)  All we need is a self-motivated someone who wants to help promote biking and the culture that goes with it.
If you’re interested, or you know someone who would be, please contact Stevie Morrison at

Come. Ride. Donate. Smile.


This Saturday marks the day of Lexington’s Cranksgiving.  By far it is one of our favorite rides of the year, and not only because alley cat races are super duper fun.  This ride is for anyone and everyone who likes to ride a bike, or anyone who just likes to do nice things.  It exemplifies the radness of Lexington–the community building, good spirited, generous people of our city who take the time to combine plain-ole-goodness and bicycles.

So, if you weren’t planning on riding this Saturday, reconsider that Thanksgiving only happens once a year, and Cranksgiving only happens once a year.  This is an awesome chance to meet some fun Lexingtonians, donate some food to Lexingtonians, and ride bikes with Lexingtonians.  Because this city is rad, and so are we.

If you’re looking to ride, meet us in the Transy Bikes Shop at 2pm on Saturday, and we’ll get everyone situated on a bike and get going down to the courthouse to register!

Tis’ the season!

2013ColorfallHeaderMan, this semester is FLYING BY.  And yeah, I know the cold weather is setting in, but don’t put the bikes away just yet!  With autumn, there comes a lot of cool opportunities to be in the saddle.  Plus, Kentucky is beautiful right now.  So put on some gloves, maybe retire the chacos for a while (or just put on toe socks), and get out there and ride!

Some tips for riding in the cold:

  • Buy a headlight and taillight.  It’s getting dark earlier, and you want the cars to see you.
  • Don’t forget to pump up your tires weekly!  Cold weather makes the air in your tires shrink, and you don’t want to get a flat because there’s not enough air in your tires!  (Reminder:  there is an always- accessible bike in Forrer Front Lobby!)
  • Clean and lube your chain.  Cold, slushy weather is not nice on your bike, especially when you keep it outside.  So drop by the Transy Bikes Shop and we’ll get you set up with a rust shield.
  • Invest in a headband (or earmuffs, whatever floats your boat).  Hats are toasty warm, but they’re bulky under a helmet.
  • Nice winter riding gloves are worth it.


Some fun rides/events happening both on and off campus:

  • Bike & Brunch at the Creperie- November 1 at 1pm.
  • Ride Review and Legacy Trail Ride- November 5 at 4pm.
  • Ride Review and Breadbox Ride- November 9 at 11:30am.
  • Urban Lunch Ride- November 11 at 11:45am.
  • CranksgivingNovember 15, registration begins at 2:30pm in the Courthouse Plaza.
  • Windy Corner Ride- November 16 at 9am.
  • Urban Ride- November 20 at 3:30pm.

**Unless otherwise noted, all these events meet in the Transy Bikes Shop, and are open to anyone who would like to attend.  Don’t forget students/faculty/staff can rent bikes for free from the Campus Center and the Library!  Email Stevie at if you have any questions!

2nd Sunday Lexington is Here

So, we know that Lexington is already a pretty bike-friendly city, right?  Well, we’re not done yet!  Lexington’s beloved Legacy Trail is continually extending.  Of course, we’re excited because now we can practically ride from Transy to the end of the Legacy Trail and back with little to no traffic contact.  This is rad. Wanna know what’s even rad-er? The final proposed route goes all the way past Transy and down to the Isaac Murphy Memorial Art Garden on 3rd Street!  That’s like, what, a 24 mile ride total?  Heck yeah, Lexington.  We’re the coolest.

This Sunday, Lexington will continue its awesomeness by holding the annual 2nd Sunday Event.  From 3-5pm on Sunday, October 12, the roads between West Sixth Brewing and Isaac Memorial Art Garden will be closed to traffic!  

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this awesome event promoting healthy, sustainable living, Transy will be holding a short (4ish mile), safe refresher on how to ride a bike, and how to do it properly, as a part of 2nd Sunday.  Meet us in the Transy Bikes Shop at 3pm on Sunday, and we’ll take you on a stroll down to the National Boulangerie, just past the end of the closed roads, buy you a late lunch, and bring you back!

Sounds cool to me.  Don’t forget, you don’t need your own bike!  You can rent one of our very own!

We <3 Broke Spoke.

We rode. We ate.  We rode.  We ate.  We rode…   you get the point.  If you didn’t make it out to Savory Cycle this year, you sure missed out!  Shout out to all the dudes and chicks at Broke Spoke for making this ride happen–the Transy Bikes crew had a fantastic time.  70 miles and lots of tasty meals later, we’re ready for next year!  Go Broke Spoke!