We <3 Broke Spoke.

We rode. We ate.  We rode.  We ate.  We rode…   you get the point.  If you didn’t make it out to Savory Cycle this year, you sure missed out!  Shout out to all the dudes and chicks at Broke Spoke for making this ride happen–the Transy Bikes crew had a fantastic time.  70 miles and lots of tasty meals later, we’re ready for next year!  Go Broke Spoke!

Bi-Weekly Windy Corner Rides are a Go!

Anyone can join us on these rides, faculty, staff, students, alums, friends, family, you name it!  We’ll do a 30 mile ride (no drop, between 10-15 mph) and eat some tasty food at Windy Corner afterward.  Take advantage of this awesome weather before it’s too late!

Next Scheduled Rides:

Sunday, September 21st, 9am-1pm

Sunday, October 5th, 9am


*Please email Stevie at simorrison15@transy.edu if you plan to ride with us!

School is back on, time to get your bikes out!

The initial I-don’t-want-to-be-at-school-yet stress is finally winding down.

So, it’s time to get on a bike!

This semester we’ve got lots in store for the Transy Bikes program, including weekly workshops, weekly urban rides, and bi-weekly road rides to our favorite Windy Corner restaurant!

Grab your bike, rent a bike, grab a helmet, and let’s get going!

Gearing Up Again


So we’ve endured the coldest and iciest winter in recent Lexington memory, and even our biking spirits had been down and out. However, with the sun finally getting coaxed back out, TIME TO TUNE UP. 

Besides, we’ve been plenty busy indoors this winter. Check out Shop shirts now for sale at 3rd Street Stuff on North Limestone! 



Also, here’s friend of the shop Ben Sollee sporting his Transy Bike Shop shirt (WHICH, he proudly wore for entire concert recently at Transylvania University) – we have great friends. 

Our Adventure, Day 3!

IMG_3601Above:  the morning of day 3, headed out of Bowling Green and into Nashville!

Day Three: Bowling Green, KY to Nashville, TN (75 miles)

We made it! The Universe must’ve wanted us to show that it can be done…because not only did we make it here completely under our own power, but we had fantastic weather, never got rained on, no one got hurt, and the only serious mechanical trouble was one easily fixed flat tire today! Unbelievable! All eight of us feel really fantastic. Not only mentally – for having made it! – but physically, too! It is really good for your body to build muscle and push yourself like this. Lots of endorphins, new found strength, and plenty of vitamin D! We are also all experiencing hunger like we’ve never had before. Yes, hunger for food (which has never tasted so good!)…but also hunger for a more sustainable future. One where we all slow down a bit, get back in touch with the land (and what it feels like to traverse it!), and start figuring out a more sustainable transportation system. For three straight days we got to step out of the daily grind and enjoy just being. Simple tasks, day by day…that’s how we will change the world!

-Justin Mog, UofL Sustainability Coordinator